• Club Director - Lexi Nash

    (970) 237-9637


  • Club Operations - Kynna Gentry

    (970) 397-9628


  • Operations Assistant - Krista Solomon

    (720) 840-1597


  • 15s Head Coach

    Alea Stewart


  • 15s Assistant Coach

    Arianna Campbell


  • 16s Head Coach

    Carrie Glenn


  • 16s Assistant Coach

    Sidney Apodaca


  • 17s Head Coach

    Camden Strain


  • 17s Assistant Coach

    Marisa Neptune


  • 18s Head Coach

    Krista Solomon


  • 18s Assistant Coach

    Leann Onesky


Club Values

  1. Excellence 

We will uphold high standards of excellence in our training techniques on the court and in our personal development off the court. 

  1. Integrity 

We will always consider the best interests of our players, coaches, and families and uphold honesty in all circumstances. 

  1. Teamwork

As players commit to serving on their respective teams, we will also commit to functioning as a team of supportive coaches, staff and families. 

  1. Serving 

We will emulate Jesus’ example of sacrificial service by putting others before ourselves.

Club Mission

Our mission is make a positive difference in the lives of our athletes by training, equipping, and inspiring them to be excellent in volleyball and in life.

FCA One Volleyball Club exists to offer a comprehensive training approach that encompasses all aspects which we believe make up a great volleyball player: elite coaching, high standards of excellence, proper teaching of the game, genuine support, and the chance to experience the love of Jesus Christ. 

As we are under the umbrella of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, we also take on the goals and objectives of the greater ministry to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.